Dr. Mansoor Fatehi
General Secretary of the Iranian Society of Radiology
Dr. Ahmet Turgut
the General Secretary of the Turkish Society of Radiology

Eurasian Radiology Initiative makes continued progress

The second official meeting of the ‘Eurasian Radiology Initiative’ took place yesterday in the M Building of the Austria Center Vienna.

According to the two organisers and founding co-chairs, Dr. Mansoor Fatehi, from the Iranian Society of Radiology, and Dr. Ahmet Tuncay Turgut, from the Turkish Society of Radiology, the goal of the project is to establish a multinational radio- logical association in a geographical area with great potential to exchange experience and knowledge, but which still lacks a regional society.

This year’s meeting focused on defining actual steps toward organising regional scientific meeting, selecting an executive committee and running a website.

The meeting was again supported by the European Society of Radiology and its international relations committee. Prof. Lorenzo Derchi, from Genoa, Italy, a ended the meeting and gave an introduction.

The meeting had about 50 participants. By an election, nine individuals from Iran, Turkey, Russia, Egypt, Pakistan, Jordan, Cyprus, Ukraine and Uzbekistan became members of the executive committee. The first regional meeting of the initiative is planned for the second half of 2015. The website will provide further updates.

For further information on the initiative, please go to the following web address: www.earad.org

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Eurasian collaborative project gets started at ECR

A ground-breaking meeting was held during ECR 2013 on Thursday to discuss the extension of Eurasian radiology collaboration.

The main organisers of the meeting were Dr. Mansoor Fatehi, General Secretary of the Iranian Society of Radiology and a member of the International Relations Subcommittee of the European Society of Radiology and Dr. Ahmet Turgut, the General Secretary of the Turkish Society of Radiology. A total of 20 member societies were identified as potential participants in the initiative.

“We believe access to the state of the art radiology knowledge and improving the standards of radiology practice in this part of the world are crucially important issues,” noted Fatehi and Turgut in a joint statement that was also signed by Dr. Nevra Elmas (President of the Turkish Society of Radiology) and Dr. Jalal Jalal Shokouhi (President of the Iranian Society of Radiology). “We also think that scientific collaboration between our societies and radiology communities in the region would create greater opportunities for our colleagues by sharing expertise. In this regard, we are seeking your ideas on how we can collaborate to achieve this ambition.

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