Invitation to the next meeting of Eurasian Radiology Initiative in Vienna

Dear Friends,

It is our great honor and honor to inform you about the second official meeting of the "Eurasian Radiology Initiative" to be held in Vienna on the occasion of ECR2014. This meeting will be held in M4 room in the M-Building (access via the entrance level of the Austria Center Vienna).

As you may know, although the idea has been worked on since few years ago, this initiative was launched last year and the first meeting took place in Vienna during ECR2013, the minutes of which is also being sent to you for records and circulation in your radiological community.

Just to remind the goals of this initiative, we would like to summarize our purpose as to establish a multinational radiological association in a geographical area with high potentials to exchange experience and knowledge still lacking a regional society.

This year we need to move further on by defining actual steps toward organizing a regional scientific meeting, selecting an executive committee, running a website and selecting some graphical elements to use for the website and communications.

The meeting is again kindly supported by European Society of Radiology and its international relations committee deserving sincere thanks. ECR provides a great opportunity to gather and meet each other.

You are cordially invited to participate in this meeting and take part in the establishment of a new regional multinational society of radiology. The agenda of the meeting is attached.

Hope to see you in Vienna soon!

Founding Co-chairs

Mansoor Fatehi, MD, CIIP
(Iranian Society of Radiology)

Ahmet Tuncay Turgut, MD
(Turkish Society of Radiology)


The Second Meeting of Eurasian Radiology Initiative

Vienna, March 9, 2014 - 11:45 to 13:15

M4 room in the M-Building
(Access via the entrance level of the Austria Center Vienna)

- Introduction & Welcome by ESR

Lorenzo Derchi

- A report of activities since the last meeting in Vienna: Website, Working group, Logo

Mansoor Fatehi, Ahmet Tuncay Turgut

- Open discussion of country representatives

- Selection of the Logo for the initiative

Group Discussion

- Selection of the executive committee and chair(s) of the initiative

- The first Eurasian Congress of Radiology

Group Discussion

- Future prospects for Eurasian Radiology Initiative

Group Discussion

- Other issues

Download EARAD Meeting - 2014 Vienna - Invitation & Agenda