Dear colleagues,

Eurasian Radiology Initiative (EARAD) is a civil platform which has emerged from the growing awareness for the need to develop collaboration between radiologists in various countries located within the geographical region of Eurasia.

In our age, the distances are shrinking between continents and countries due to globalization, causing all countries to find ways to solve problems on a regional or global rather than a local scale. On the other hand, the globalization of healthcare and medicine has changed diagnostic radiology significantly. Accordingly, several challenges in radiology practice transcend national borders or have a global political and economic impact. Inspite of the presence of several challenges related to geographic and social extremes, regional politics and global economics, Eurasian countries with great economic potential are showing impressive developments in the field of radiology.

Silk Road, having been a good example of the international exchange and interaction between the humans over long distances for thousands of years by connecting Asia, Africa and Europe through Middle East in ancient times, has been a strong inspiration to establish a platform aiming to further foster ties between the radiology communities in this part of the world.

EARAD, with representation from the majority of the countries in the region is hoped to be a suitable forum to discuss matters of general interest for the Eurasian radiology community, apart from other international societies providing leadership in radiology. Our sincere belief is that this would not only provide opportunities to learn from one another but it would also strengthen regional and international relationships.

EARAD exists to contribute efforts for improving health in Eurasian countries through research, training and clinical practice in radiology. Hence, the ultimate goal for EARAD is to improve the standards of radiology practice by promoting the scientific and professional activities in the field of radiology in our region.

We believe that it is our duty to contribute to the future of radiology in our region, and this task can be accomplished with the cooperation of all our members.

Thank you.

Founding Co-chairs

Ahmet Tuncay Turgut,MDMansoor Fatehi, MD, CIIP